Reclaiming Rules


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When it comes to rules, the church has got quite a few

First, there is the list of "don’t do's" which may include drinking alcohol, dancing, R-rated movies, gambling, using cannabis, swearing, or wearing a hat in church. Then there's the list of what we "ought to do," including kindness, mercy, forgiveness, generosity, sabbath, witnessing, praying, going to church on a Wednesday night at 8pm

The truth is that most of the rules are (at least at some level) good things.

And despite this, so many Christian just crushed under the pressure to live up to what feels like unattainable ideals.

But perhaps the biggest issue with “church rules” isn’t actually about any one rule, but about how human beings respond to the very idea of rules!

But to go there, we've first got to travel through time 3,500 years...

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