EP27: [Tara Brueske] Powerful Strategies on How to Get Successful Bookings As a Musician


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Welcome, Evolvepreneurs! Our special expert guest today is Tara Brueske.

Starting at age 6, Tara's public singing took off when she first joined her family to do concerts around small towns in Minnesota and Canada. At age 15, she and her brother Jeff branched out in a duo, which later turned into a full-fledged band in college. After getting her BA in Music and continuing a few years with the band, she branched out in more solo adventures, which included Celtic folk, Spirituals, contemporary songs and then finally landed in the classic Jazz and Broadway, where many of her concerts are today.

During her years as an artist, she recorded 6 albums, did some voiceover work and taught regularly as a voice and piano instructor. She continues today to be a mentor in voice/piano and has added the roles of booking coach and podcaster as well.

If musicians are struggling to find a way to make their music FT and earn a living, Tara has found so many opportunities in booking gigs, teaching, mentoring, online courses and other types of income for the "starving artist".
To find out more check out https://evolvepreneur.club/user/234/Tara.Brueske

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