Dzogchen training in the Aro gTer lineage with Zhal’med Ye-Rig


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Zhal’Med Ye-Rig is a teacher in the Aro gTer which is a Vajrayana (Tantrik) lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The teachings of the Aro gTer descend from a lineage of enlightened women, beginning with Yeshe Tsogyel who founded the Nyingma tradition of Buddhism with Padmasambhava. The lineage is now represented in Britain, America and Europe by several Lamas and their senior ordained students. These teachers are Westerners which gives them some advantages over Eastern teachers in terms of understanding the minds and cultural context of Western students. These teachers are not monks or nuns. They are ordained Tantrikas who have conventional jobs and families. Many teach as married couples. Zhal’med Ye-Rig talks about his training over the past 20 years including several periods of retreat and intense practice.

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