251 - Instoried! Episode Look Back


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This week we have an episode throwback! Sharmin from Instoried has been on the podcast twice and is poised to recieve a massive funding round to the the tune of 200 million!!

Check out this episode and hear how Sharmin raised earlier rounds and we will make sure to bring her back on to complete this trilogy!

About Instoried:

We are a young startup that aims at driving content engagement to get more clicks. Higher engagement results in higher ROI and a great yield on marketing spends.

Using our proprietary tool, customers have witnessed up to 3X increase in incoming leads per post and 2X rise in ROI in less than 6 months. We use NLP to create magic with data that helps determine the emotion and tone of marketing content, irrespective of the size of content.

Our AI engine dynamically determines the emotional engagement quotient of content and also gives smart recommendations to enhance engagement with audience

For more info, please visit www.instoried.com

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