253 How Clickvoyant Delivers Analytics Faster Using AI-Analyst, Ema


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Clickvoyant is run by women. They are a powerful team of female data scientists and analysts. Of course, they also built an AI-analyst also a woman. Ema, Clickvoyant’s very own Emulated Analyst, helps businesses deliver 10x more work than other analysts.

Clickvoyant sees the power of data driven decisions every day. It works to support evil gains, the public good and well intended missteps. Clickvoyant uses data skills to contextualize decisions, not stoke fear; to surprise and delight with new discovery, not take away personal agency. Clickvoyant’s proprietary algorithms combine human expertise derived from 15+ years working in the industry with mathematical automation, statistics, and predictive analytics to provide enterprise-style analytics for every business.

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