EYFPodcast- Exercise Your Faith by Letting Go, Trusting, Believing, and having Faith with Matt Deibler


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What is the price of freedom to you? For many we seek to find our freedom ironically in our fears. We attempt to protect ourselves through our effort in the hopes that will make us safe enough to be free. Matt Deibler finally found freedom when he realized that he had reached the end of himself as he had nowhere else to go or fall. It was God or nothing and on that Thanksgiving weekend back in 2011, he chose God and died to himself. Free at last!
For years Matt suffered with OCD, anxiety and panic before ultimately succumbing to a nervous breakdown which led him into a desperate state of agoraphobia. During that season of his life, he was reborn in his faith. Through God’s amazing grace he found a path to healing and uncovered his life’s calling, which is to serve.

In his pain he uncovered a passionate purpose and a message of hope for the children of God. Today, he is sharing that story openly in the freedom of his Redeemer and is truly living his faith, one day at a time.
Connect with Matt at https://lamponthestand.com/ and get a copy of his latest book The Devil and the Children of God at the End of the World

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