EYFPodcast- Exercise Your Faith by Looking Past the Struggle with Giving Words Eddie Brown


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16 million women in the United States are considered single parents and when a problem strikes there is only one set of shoulders for it to fall upon. A car repair to most people is a problem but a car repair issue to single women can be a crisis. The money involved to repair the car becomes a house issue, food issue and work issue. If you can't get to work you can't earn money, you can't pay rent and you can't pay for food. It's a vicious cycle that happens over and over again. Sometimes all people need is a hand up and someone to stand in that gap.
That someone is Eddie Brown of Giving Words of Virginia. Eddie believes in being the pebble in the pond and it's through his ripples that young women in Virginia are being helped and in doing so lives are being changed and family trees are being reshaped. By helping young mothers to see beyond the struggle Eddie and his wife are building teams of victory in Christ and living out the Spirit of God through their work. We invite you to listen today and in doing so we invite you to partner with Eddie in prayer, finances or time as he seeks God's favor to move Giving Words out to the US and then the world. Every redwood started as a tiny seed and Giving Words is a growing tree providing shade and support to many. We hope you will help continue to water the seed God had Eddie and his wife to plant.
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