EYFPodcast- Exercise Your Faith by Walking in another's shoes. A conversation with Justen Smith


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You are more than your circumstances but often times we lose sight of the other side and our circumstances can overwhelm us. The great thing about a relationship with Jesus is the it is HE that help us to see past our struggles when we seek our rest in Him. Justen Smith has seen some tough circumstances in his life. He lost his dad when he was seven, spent two tours of duty in Iraq while seeing the worst of what man has to offer and has been able come out on the other side because in his tough times he knew who he was in Christ, and he never lost his identity.
Even though the battle is a daily one, Justen has plans moving forward and one of these is planting the seeds of faith in the kids he trains and through his ministry "Progress in the Kitchen". Enjoy a refreshing conversation today with Army veteran Justen Smith.

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