Ep 86 | Youngkin Victory Exposes Zuckerberg & Dorsey Evil | Suns Scandal Is a Coup


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Whitlock takes the leaders of Facebook and Twitter to the woodshed for being the puppet masters behind the fake news industry. How have the victories of Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears in Virginia made clear the path to victory over those who would assault traditional American values? Dave Shannon from “Cross Politic” explains how Donald Trump played a role in this victory and how we can build on it with biblical principles. Jason and former NBA player Rashad McCants fearlessly jump into the Robert Sarver story. How could ESPN’s weak Phoenix Suns narrative actually be a play for someone like LeBron James to become an NBA owner? Former ESPN writer Steve Kim explains why the network’s Sarah Spain was able to crucify Aaron Rodgers about vaccines but stay nearly silent on Henry Ruggs’ fatal DUI. Plus, why is Uncle Jimmy singing about Usher having herpes during a discussion about the Green Bay quarterback?

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