Ep 88 | Bradshaw vs. Rodgers: Who’s the Real Liar? | Travis Scott Tragedy: Rap Music Meets Satanism


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In the wake of the nearly universal media condemnation of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Whitlock takes aim at one particular critic, Terry Bradshaw of “NFL on Fox.” How do the former Steeler’s comments match up with his words about Colin Kaepernick? Former Missouri Tiger wide receiver T.J. Moe joins the show to explain the REAL perception athletes have of COVID and Rodgers’ comments about the vaccines. “Fearless” columnist Steve Kim takes a look at the woeful debut of Jordan Love and compares it to the first time Rodgers saw real action for Green Bay. Another “Fearless” regular, Shemeka Michelle, helps Jason break down the Astroworld concert disaster in Houston that left eight people dead. How is the overlap of rap music and demonic ritual an underreported part of the story? Plus, you NEED to tune in to find out why Uncle Jimmy is wearing camo and posing next to Jason’s U.S. flag.

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