Walk 'n' Talk Level Up #48 - A brother visits!


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Hello, lovely people! Welcome to episode 48 of Walk ‘n’ Talk Level Up!

This is the all English version of our podcast series and we’re so happy you decided to join us today! In this episode, you’ll hear a conversation between friends, talking about a visit one of them is receiving. You’ll learn some new expressions and idioms, see some new and old structures, and improve our pronunciation. Remember to always repeat out loud every time you hear the beeping sound!

You can download the PDF file here: http://rhavi.co/wnt-ing-lvl-48

That way you’ll be able to expand your knowledge and build a personal English library. You’ll also be able to read the dialogue and connect what you hear to what you read. Don’t forget to check out fluencytv.com for more free content.

We’ll see you next week for a brand new episode!

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