Mariners for ACL, Socceroos schedule, 5 marquee misses, Robbie's dumbest decision


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Adam Peacock is joined by Robbie Slater to review all the happenings in the A League.

The Mariners have set a target of a Champions League spot. Who can doubt it now?

The "big" clubs... Sydney, Western Sydney and ahead of the derby Melbourne Victory - what's missing?

Manchester City keep rolling, so Robbie tells us the best team he ever played against. It was actually in a local park. Plus what it was like playing against young version of who turned out to be some of the best players in history, such as Zinedine Zidane.

Your questions answered, including why the Socceroos might not have an A League players for the next World Cup qualifiers, and a beauty to finish: Robbie's dumbest decision ever.

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