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Leading player agent John Grimaud joins Adam Peacock to discuss where the players market is at right now, with an emphasis on the Australian market.
Grimaud gives his take on how the A League reinvigorates itself, what the priorities should be and how we can go about getting more players into the European leagues.
It's a fascinating insight into the realities facing Australian football's development.. and it's not all doom and gloom!

1.00 State of Australian player market, and what the A League should really focus on post COVID
10.00 How you build a plan for your player
15.00 Getting players overseas - how tough is it now?
19.00 How do we alter that reputation in Europe?
22.30 Hardships faced by Australian players once overseas
26.00 Robbie Kruse and his pathway
32.00 The mayhem of a transfer window closing
35.00 Why India is flavour of the month for A League players

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