Airstrikes In Syria, A COVID Bill In Waiting


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This Week:

With the help of budget reconciliation, Democrats hoped President Biden's $1.9 billion dollar COVID relief bill wouldn't receive any headwinds on the way to the president's desk. But on Thursday, Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough put an end to a key provision in the bill: a $15 minimum wage. Fox Business Correspondent, Edward Lawrence, speaks to FOX News Radio's Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland about where the parliamentarian's actions leave lawmakers.

For weeks, speculation has grown around President Biden's Office of Management and Budget nominee, Neera Tanden's ability to be approved by the Senate. Fox News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram speaks to Jared about the dynamics that are challenging President Biden's nominees despite the Democrats' majorities in Washington.

On Thursday evening, President Biden ordered airstrikes on Syria, a decision White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said was made "with coalition partners." Fox News Chief National Security Correspondent, Jennifer Griffin, speaks to Rachel about the reasons for these actions, how the decision was made, and what's ahead for Biden Administration in the region.

A month into the Biden presidency, the cadence of politics and the 24-hour-news-cycle has changed in Washington. Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, discusses how the "tone and metabolism" of the district has been altered, and how this administration's first-month in-office differs from others in recent memory.

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