Episode 15: Why Analyzing The Draft Is Difficult, Early Thoughts On The 2022 Class & Farm System Rankings


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After spending a few weeks traveling around the country watching players in the 2022, 2023 and 2024 draft classes, Ben and Carlos are back on the mic! The two have an overdue conversation about the 2021 draft results, talk through some of their favorite picks (Khalil Watson, Brady House, Marcelo Mayer) and classes before talking about the Kumar Rocker/Mets situation. After Ben proposes some tweaks to the draft process, the two talk about why the draft is difficult or impossible to evaluate and analyze in the immediate aftermath, which leads to a conversation about the Red Sox’ 2020 selection of Nick Yorke—who is on a tear in pro ball. After that, the two talk about the impressive high school pitching in the 2022 draft class, discuss the merits of Termarr Johnson and Elijah Green as the top players in the class and then pivot to the minor leagues. Which player would they take among a top three of Adley Rutschman, Julio Rodriguez and Bobby Witt Jr.? They don’t agree on which, though it’s close. That leads to a conversation about the top farm systems in the game and which orgs you should keep an eye on to take a big step forward, before the two get into listener questions.

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