Pretty Privilege


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In this episode, Matt Landsiedel and Andre-Lee Wills unpack the hot topic of pretty privilege.

Pretty privilege works on the principle that people who are deemed more attractive—based on accepted societal beauty standards—have an upper hand in the world and are afforded many opportunities that less “attractive” people don't have. Yet, it's not often that people are willing to admit it—or even talk about it—especially if they’re on the receiving end of its benefits.

Here is what Matt and Andre-Lee explored in this episode:

  • What is pretty privilege?
  • What is your personal experience with pretty privilege?
  • Why is this topic important for gay men to discuss?
  • What does it mean to be attractive?
  • Why does our culture place so much emphasis on attractiveness?
  • How does pretty privilege relate to ageism, racism or sexism?
  • How can we start to deconstruct the system that is conditioning us to be so limited in our definition of attractive?

Connect with Andre-Lee:

Andre-Lee Wills is an Empowerment Coach. He uses his unique gifts and talents to offer guidance, support, and assistance to others in being an expression of their truest and highest self. He is adept in career coaching, life and relationship coaching, communication, team building, and organizational management.

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