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GayVoice Podcast is a podcast that focuses on all the sh*t you have no time to. So if you wanna catch up with all the mess going on in the world, but don’t want to spend hours down clickbait articles, gossip instagrams and youtube rabbit holes, GayVoice delivers all the hottest topics in a one to two hour podcast, with a gay twist. We’re your gay best friends who you’re not sure really like you but always have your best interests in mind. We’re also your black bitter aunties who you love spending a weekend with because they give you all the family/neighborhood gossip and $40 dollars for “lunch money”. Our goal is to take all the insane things happening in the world and helping you laugh about it, through our sense of humor and lived experiences. We are currently based out of Brooklyn where we record weekly. Our team consists of the hosts Kelso Lee Kennedy & Devren Bryant, our Art Director Erica Zhang, Carlye Arden as our mixer and sound engineer, and Brian McKenna as a Producer and all around awesome guy.Our main focus is pop culture, living while gay in NYC, and the black struggle in 45’s America. What makes GayVoice different from other pop culture podcast is Devren & Kelso’s unique chemistry which derives from their background in improv and musical theater. Each episode feels like you’re overhearing a very funny conversation on an uptown six train and you don’t wanna get off because you’re so entertained. We aim to entertain, inform and seduce our listeners with all the topics that haunt our gay minds. We are currently being hosted by SoundCloud and we are also streaming on Apple Podcast and Google Play and hope to expand to other forms of media such as youtube videos, live performances and even television. As of Monday October 29th, 2018 we have 2,037 listens in total, for our 18 episodes, averaging about 113 per episode. Our goal is to bring to the world the joy and craziness that runs wild in our studio. We are currently working on marketing strategies and hoping to have multiplied our listener counts by 10 or more in the next 3 months, as well as find suitable sponsors for our listeners. If you’re interested in helping us achieve these goals please contact us at or follow us on social media @GayVoicePod on all platforms.

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