Episode 23: 31% Top On My Mother's Side


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Devren & Kelso are back for the New Year aka 20BiTeen aka The Nude Queer. They reflect on their 2018 and discuss their resolutions, we talk about the iconic Fiji Girl, and review episodes 2 through 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 4. GayVoice is engineered by Carlye Arden. Our theme song was created by Brian Joseph McKenna & Doma Schrank of Btoven Music. If you have any questions, suggestions or letters email gayvoicepodcast@gmail.com or follow us on all social media @GayVoicePod feel free to DM us! If you want to donate and help the podcast grow, go to Patreon.com/gayvoicepod we truly appreciate it. We also love reading new reviews so please leave us one, we may even read it on our next episode!

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