Episode 34: Bum Appetit Pt. 2 (The Dip Debacle Episode)


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Devren, Kelso, Carlye & Rachel Staton all sit down to continue to talk about the real issues. We discuss immigration, education and our personal background with politics. We hope you enjoy this episode & send it out to your candidate for 2020. Hopefully we can use Andrew Yang's dividend to continue to bring you this content. This is GayVoice Pole-Ethics Part DOS. GayVoice is engineered by Carlye Arden. Our theme song was created by Brian Joseph McKenna & Doma Schrank of Btoven Music. If you have any questions, suggestions or letters email gayvoicepodcast@gmail.com or follow us on all social media @GayVoicePod feel free to DM us! We love reading reviews so please leave us one, we may even read it on our next episode!

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