How to Use Virtual Assistants to Run Your Airbnbs—with Charlie Hawranik


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Hiring a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for your STR business. But here’s the catch: Your VAs are only as good as your training and your systems.

It’s YOUR job to provide clear instructions and offer support as they learn the ropes.

So, what can virtual assistants do for your Airbnb business? And what’s the best approach to training a VA to take on those responsibilities?

Charlie Hawranik is the Cofounder of Canmore Co-Host, a short-term rental property management company based in the Canadian Rockies. Charlie and his wife Yuki started by hosting their own vacation rental on Airbnb three years ago and have since expanded to a portfolio of 13 properties.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Charlie joins me to explain what his virtual assistants do for his Airbnb business, walking us through the list of daily tasks his VAs perform and sharing the tools he uses to communicate with them.

Charlie offers insight on the interview process, describing what he looks for in a VA and how the book Virtual Freedom helped him decide what to ask the candidates.

Listen in for Charlie’s advice for training your VAs on guest communication and learn how YOU can use virtual assistants to help run your Airbnbs.

Topics Covered

How Charlie and his wife got into hosting on Airbnb

  • Purchased property in Canadian Rockies 3 years ago
  • Started managing for other owners (13 listings total)

How Charlie benefitted from joining Legends X

  • Pushed to do things wouldn’t have tried otherwise
  • Introduced to benefit of hiring virtual assistants

The daily tasks Charlie’s VAs do for his Airbnb business

  • Verify door locks active, guest codes programmed
  • Confirm arrival of cleaners
  • Review PriceLabs information
  • Use reviews to update maintenance to-do list
  • Handle owner use requests
  • Respond to guest messages

Other projects that Charlie assigns to his virtual assistants

  • Build Hostfully guidebook for new properties
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Eventually create Airbnb listing for new properties

The top tools Charlie uses to communicate with his VAs

Charlie’s advice for Airbnb hosts considering hiring VAs

  1. Ask skills testing questions in interview process
  2. Provide detailed training videos
  3. Treat your team with respect and check in often

How Charlie trained his VAs around guest communication

  1. Go through past messages to build own FAQ doc
  2. Message responses to Charlie for approval
  3. Reply on own (only ask for help if can’t answer)

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