A 20year battle with anxiety - the steps I took to get out


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In this episode I take you through the Steps I took to get out of my 20year battle with anxiety and I also share with you what's different about my approach in the Confidence to Be™ 4 Month Mastermind? Doors are closing Sunday 4th September 2022 - [limited spots available] as its an intimate group.

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Episode Recap:

How my approach to coming out the otherside of anxiety is different to traditional methods;

✅ I have been where you are

✅ I share my whole story - so you know you aren't alone

✅ I got out the other side WITHOUT medication, yoga, breathing, CBT etc etc

✅ I guide you to find YOUR OWN TRUTH, You find it, not me. I'm here to guide you - and this is where the LONG-LASTING gold is

✅ You're the only person that knows you the best/most - I help you find the REAL you underneath your layers

✅ You're in an intimate group with people who are in the EXACT spot as you - imagine!!! You get to be in a like-minded group who all cares way too much about all the things!!! Can you imagine how much magic we can create here?😝 Imagine the fucking cushions people!!!!! hehe (inside joke - i used to get big anxiety around my cushions🙈)

The difference is....

I genuinely GET IT. I've been there. And the best thing is, I've created the Confidence to Be™ Framework which is the EXACT steps I took to get out, where you can input your own journey and get yourself out too!!!

The 7 Steps/Modules that I guide you through in the Confidence to Be™ Mastermind are; [link slaes page]

Prepwork - A deep dive into Vulnerability

  1. The REAL You
  2. Your WHY
  3. Money & Success
  4. Emotional Needs
  5. Added Perspective
  6. Connection,Purpose & Letting go
  7. Ownership, Choice & Change

Come and join the Confidence to Be™ Mastermind and change your life!

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