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Hosted by Brandon Minaya, this podcast feed is a platform for average folks to share their stories, speak their mind, and learn from one another. Episode titles with prefixes indicate a recurring show series: 'The Pillowtalk Show' -Brandon and Drea, like most couples, have very different interests. Here they come together to share their pillowtalk about the different media they consume, the communities they are exposed to, and what's on their minds. 'Self-quare w/ Sam' -two friends/co-workers attempted to stay sane throughout the COVID-19 quarantine by manufacturing novelty, doing a new activity every day and podcasting about their experiences weeklyish. 'Interview' -highlighting an interesting individual, promoting their work and discussing their creative processes. All other episodes include guests from Brandon's close friends, professional network, fellow local comedians, and fledgling creatives of all sorts. ©Disfigured Media

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