Girlfriends 2.0


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Each week, Cindy and Janet will talk about the importance of Girlfriends and the fabulous advice from Cindy's New Book - Girlfriends 2.0!
Emmy award winning TV Broadcaster Cindy W Morrison successfully reinvented herself after the economy lead to corporate downsizing. Leaving a 20 year news career behind, Cindy wrote a book, hit the speaking circuit and created her own consulting business. She now teaches people how to reboot, upgrade and reinvent through networking, social media and branding so they can make more money and live a better life.
Cindy’s new book “Girlfriends 2.0? is already a cult favorite and she hosts a popular show by the same name for the The WIN Online (Women’s Information Network). The idea is to empower women so they can not only survive but thrive our changing times. She also speaks across the country about “Reinvention 2.0? and how anyone can network strategically to be more successful. In fact, Cindy is now the media contributor to Startup Princess which has been named one of the top women’s websites by Forbes and Entrepreneur. Finally, as a consultant, Cindy’s clients range from TV stations to major universities to heavy hitting corporations. On top of all that, Cindy is also the national spokesperson for the Tulsa based company Clear-tone.

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