Ep. 11 “Beta Gamma Rogue” feat. Doug Key


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Welcome back GLADGANG!! We back! This episode we get right to it with comedian Doug Key! We talk skin care, masculinity and FIRE!
Doug Key is a New York City based comedian and performs at comedy clubs all over the country. Doug has been seen on MTV, ABC, VH1, and Mark Normand’s Comedy Central Digital series “What They Really Mean.” He’s had the privilege to open for some comedy greats including Dave Attell, Michael Che, Dom Irrera, Kyle Kinane, Sam Morril, Mark Normand and many others. Doug was featured in the 2013 Boston Comedy Festival, 2014 and 2017 New York Comedy Festival, the 2017 Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and founded the first comedy festival in the state of Rhode Island, The Rogue Island Comedy Festival, which takes place every October in Newport!
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