Lisa Barr on love, sex, history and the epic struggle to reclaim stolen art in 'Woman On Fire'


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Young journalist Jules Roth is handed an intriguing assignment: to find a painting stolen by the Nazis 75 years ago. Little does she know that ruthless art dealer and powerful heiress, Margaux de Laurent, is on the same mission. De Laurent gets everything she wants and has the money and resources to back it up. Their goal is to locate Ernst Engel's expressionist masterpiece that has deep family connections with links to the Holocaust.
Woman On Fire invites readers into the world of the powerful elite and the obsessions and emotional tension that drive it. Here is a tale of secrets, love and sacrifice and a work of art that burns brightly in the minds of those that desire it.
In this episode Gregory Dobbs chats to Lisa Barr about creating powerful female characters, the lengths to which people will go to to pursue and satisfy their passions, and the remarkable truth behind the cache of masterpieces stolen by the Nazis and the legacy that lingers to this day.

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