Christine Sykes on the joy of movement and friendship in 'The Tap Cats of the Sunshine Coast'


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Meet Carol, Sofia and Bonnie whose lives have been intertwined since primary school. Their hopes, dreams and heartaches have been shared for decades. Through the observant eyes of journalist Melissa, we witness the pressures that threaten to unravel some long-held secrets that have never been shared. Together they are the Tap Cats, a Queensland-based tap-dancing group facing unexpected challenges when they enter the Seniors Superstar competition. Set in the stunning landscape of the Sunshine Coast, the women tap their way through their own trials and tribulations, united by the thrill of the dance and the challenge of competition. In this episode Gregory Dobbs chats to Christine Sykes about the inspiration behind Tap Cats, the secret to ageing gracefully and finding common ground through dance, and exploring the issue of forced adoption and that dark period in Australian social history.

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