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Hey there my unicorn mama!!! Are you tired of feeling like you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere with your business? Are you frustrated that everyone in your industry is saying the same things and everyone’s feed looks alike? Are you over being connected to social media 24/7? Are you ready to show up as the uniquely gifted and talented woman God has made you to be? Ready to maximize what you put into your business so you can be fully present while being more profitable? Are you over the cold market messaging, 24/7 online parties, and DMing people who unfriend you? Ready to market that feels right to your heart and soul? If you said YES...then,’re in the right place!!! I’m Michelle and after more than a decade in the network marketing industry I’ve finally figured out a system to help me show up as the audacious, unique, unicorn God created me to be, to use my time efficiently and effectively while not being tied to social media and having fun in the process. In this podcast you’ll find ways to grow your network marketing / direct sales business through strategic goal setting, unlocking a growth mindset, social media strategy, tactical sales and marketing hacks, genuine, authentic connection, and relationship built on trust. Expert guests and fun spicy conversations with other unicorns, just like you! Go heat up that cup of coffee for the 8th time, let’s get started.

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