27 // Tips for Setting Up Your Social Media for MORE GROWTH and Less Wasting Time GUEST: BLAIR CRITCH


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I am so excited about today's episode!!! Well...I'm excited about all of them...but this is one that I KNOW you are struggling with! You partnered with your network marketing / direct sales business because you want more freedom and yet you find yourself tied to your phone far more than you ever wanted! WHAT IF there were a way to get your work done, create the post, share the content, and then...MOVE ON to the next thing!!!! Well...that's EXACTLY what Blair is going to be sharing with us today!!! You are going to LOVE her!! xx, Michelle A LITTLE ABOUT BLAIR: Blair Critch is a retired kindergarten teacher who turned entrepreneur after a financial bankruptcy and hardship hit her family. Knowing she needed to figure out a way to use her God given talents to help her family, but be home with her boys Blair realized entrepreneurship was where God was leading her. Blair now is a 7 figure earner with a vitamin/supplement company. Blair leads a team of thousands and helps train other women who are starting off in entrepreneurship to have success with her group, Blessed Momma Bosses. After making it through the hardship of bankruptcy, her husband’s addiction to pain pills, and recently cancer she shows up daily to inspire and help other women grow their businesses without sacrificing time with their family. Kellie & Blair created Blessed Momma Bosses and our podcast to reach more women to help them create a life of freedom. PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/blessed-momma-bosses/id1533892980 Connect with us at blessedmommabosses@gmail.com Work with us inside our Facebook community at www.blessedmommabossesgroup.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/blessedmommabosses Connect with us Instagram @blessedmommabosses_ , @kelliehoover , @blaircritch2

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