63 // From Teenage mom to TOP .1% earner in her Social Selling Business (TWICE) | FABULOUS FEMALE FRIDAY Guest: Leisa Cutler


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Yes!!! Teenage mama to TOP .1% in her Social Selling Business...for the 2ND time! Today we're chatting with one of my business mentors, Leisa Cutler. She was at the TOP and WALKED AWAY to start all over from the very bottom and in 6 months...she was ON TOP AGAIN...only this time she did it 500% FASTER!!! Yes! You read that right!! Leisa IS a UNICORN in every sense of the word...but she shares how it's possible for EVERYONE who's willing to put in the time and consistency! I'm here for this! Can't wait for you to hear! xx, michelle Want more information about SOCIAL RETAIL and how it's different from the traditional Network Marketing structure? https://bit.ly/what-is-social-retail

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