70 // Could Hiding the REAL Reason WHY You Joined Your Company Be Ruining Your Network Marketing / Social Selling Business? Guest: Michelle Pfile


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Michelle and I are passionate about a lot of the same things, health & wellness, business, and showing up authentically! I saw a post of hers and knew that was exactly what I wanted her to share about.

When you started with your company you were likely asked...what's your WHY? And you probably said something like... your kids or your family or financial freedom... right? But...let's be honest...that's why we all (for the most part) do what we do. We're talking about getting behind that WHY and really opening up to why you're really there! You're going to love Michelle! Hop on in! xx, Michele

Michelle Pfile is a wife, mom, health advocate, business owner, podcaster, and all around BOSS BABE! After 24 years of making women beautiful on the outside, I put down my hairdressing shears and decided that my true passion was helping women transform on the inside.

From successful Aveda Salon & Spa owner to a lifestyle entrepreneur I have finally found my true calling! Creating MASSIVE change in women through their health and their wealth.

I’m an adoptive Mom of one, and am completely obsessed with the life my husband and I are creating, full of taking risks, daring greatly and living life to the fullest!

6 years ago, my father was given 6 months to live, he looked me in the eyes and said “Life is TOO short not to do what you love”.

That is when I was given a choice, follow your heart towards massive change or stay the same?

I knew MY HEALTH and my family depended on me taking action!

Now I help YOU do the same!


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