Ep. 1 - The Gut Health Reset


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This episode begins a new era! Welcome to the Gut Health Reset podcast with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter. This podcast dives deep into the root causes behind issues that start in the gut like bloating, gas, and constipation. Each week, Dr. Ann-Marie Barter and guests will give you the knowledge you need to heal your gut and reset your health!

In this inaugural episode, Dr. Ann-Marie shares how the gut is the cornerstone for your health, why she changed the name of the podcast, and her story of overcoming IBS, constipation, eating disorders, and more.

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Dr. Ann-Marie Barter is a Functional Medicine and Chiropractic Doctor at Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic. She is the clinic founder of Alternative Family Medicine & Chiropractic that has two offices one in Longmont and Denver. They treat an array of health conditions overlooked or under-treated by conventional medicine, called the "grey zone". https://altfammed.com/ https://drannmariebarter.com/

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