Overcoming Emotional Eating with Tricia Nelson


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Show Summary: "To heal your hunger, you have to feel some hunger because that hunger informs you of what's going on."

Do you feel defeated because of your Yoyo diet?

Do you feel frustrated from preventing yourself from binge eating unhealthy foods, but you still end up feeling guilty after a stressful day?

Have you always been disappointed because of overeating?

Tricia Nelson, the author of Heal Your Hunger book and a transformational speaker, shares her roller coaster experience in being an emotional eater.

She tried many ways like diet, pills, programs, and consulted an eating disorder therapist to find solutions, but unfortunately, nothing worked for her. She would always go back to her yoyo diet, which broke her hope of finding the real problem.

Being focused on food and weight symptoms is not the key because it is just a symptom. What you have to dive into and deal with are the underlying causes, like the emotional factors. Good thing, Tricia overcame this through the help of her spiritual healer by addressing the real cause of her eating disorder.

Her journey has been her inspiration in educating people about food addiction or any health issues where the diet is involved. Listen as she breaks down the common misconceptions about food, emotional, and physical hunger.

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Exceptional Highlight:

  • “Whatever the health problem, diet plays a major part of getting the problem and then healing the problem.”
  • We use food as a form of escape because of worry and stress and fear, we want to numb out.
  • Feed your body and get used to a regular schedule of eating, so that you have space between the meals..

Show Highlights:

What is Tricia’s story?

Tricia 2:21

  • I started out as an emotional eater, I think from the get go like as far back as I can, I remember food was a big highlight for me.

How did she figure out the missing piece to her problem?

Tricia 5:1

  • I was still young. I tried so many things, I'd actually lost some weight. And I was about to go back up the scale again, because that was my habit.

How did she start to heal her hunger?

Tricia 24:55

  • I did a lot of intense work. After a year or so I was in so much of a better place, and I didn't have the cravings anymore. I was in a thin body and I could handle being in a thin body, feeling worthy of being seen or feeling comfortable.

How does one differentiate between emotional hunger and physical hunger

Tricia 37:4

  • I've been doing this work for over 30 years now and it amazes me as a motivator, like I'll get off a phone call that's really stressful and I’d be like, “I'm hungry”.
  • And I'll think, “What can I eat?” And then I'll have this conversation with myself. And I'd be like, “Wait, you know, you just had breakfast a couple hours ago. Are you really that hungry?”

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