A Quitter's Try - The CNN Parkettes Documentary


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This episode has been commissioned by Club Gym Nerd member Taylor, Princess of Sexy Data, who requested a deep dive into the infamous CNN Parkettes documentary, Achieving the Perfect 10, that we can all quote by heart. We discuss

  • Background
    • What's the deal with Parkettes?
    • The legacy of this piece
    • Jessica's experience going to the Parkettes camp as a youth (!)
    • Why we think Parkettes agreed to this
  • Part 1: A 7-year-old with a broken ankle
    • TOPs testing gives Spencer a panic attack
    • How NOT to sound like a creeper when talking about a 7-year-old
    • Everyone says "suck it up" 100,000 times because healthy
    • We root for everyone to quit and go to a pool party
  • Part 2: Get confident, stupid
    • Demeaning people definitely makes them more confident
    • The Mrs hates everyone, especially gymnasts, and teenagers, and you
    • Jessica is still fawning over Nicole Harris to this day
  • Part 3: Annie, are you OK?
    • "Do you just think it's more important to have bobbles so people will give you attentions?"
    • Why we're obsessed with deadpan comedy genius Annie Fogerty
    • "Way to give up, Annie, way to give up"
    • "Was that a try, what you just did? What kind of a try? Is there such a thing as a quitter's try, like lackadaisical?"
    • What exactly is a quitter's try?
    • The Kristie Phillips cautionary tale
  • Part 4: Aftermath
    • Where are they now?
    • What this says about elite gymnastics, and why USAG learned all the wrong lessons from how horrified we are by it
    • The problem with typical American parents' view of sports
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