Congressional Hearings and GOAT Tour Preview


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GOATour Rehearsal

Jessica went to rehearsals for the tour and HAS to tell you about what she saw, how it's different from—and so much less lame than—every other tour, and how many times she cried (it was a lot).

Congressional Hearings

Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, and Maggie Nichols testified in front of a Senate committee on the FBI mishandling of the criminal ex-doctor case. We discuss: the SCATHING report from the OIG on the coverups and failures of the FBI, what we learned from their testimony, what we still want to find out, and whether this is actually going to help anything at all or if it's all just an exercise in ego and showboating for senators.

US Men's Worlds Team

Following two days of selection camp, the US men's world team has been named. We break down the utter tragedy of gymnastics that was the first day as well as how non-controversial the ultimate selection was...except for some noteworthy absences from the field.

Gymternet News

The Chinese National Games have started, it's time to irrationally get your hopes up about Romania again, and some worlds teams have been named. Plus, more news and your feedback.


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