NIL: Olivia Dunne and Katelyn Ohashi Interview plus Simone's GOAT Tour Review


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The Tour
  • Spencer has now seen the Simone's Gold Over America Tour (GOATour )and he and Jessica have, well...let's say difference of opinion about pretty much everything about it
  • Spencer discusses typos, what constitutes cutesy nonsense, and the difference between gymnastics and acting
  • Jessica cries about how the tour is changing the world one 4-year-old boy at a time
Olivia Dunne and Katelyn Ohashi
  • Olivia Dunne and Katelyn Ohashi join us to discuss the new NCAA name, image, and likeness rules (NIL), how life has changed for Olivia this summer, what Katelyn missed out on in the pre-NIL era, Katelyn's advice for Olivia, the cautionary tale that was the Aurora Games, advice for handling social media in a healthy way, and reflections on their experiences in elite.

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