EVERYTHING is a F*cking STORY, Prelaunch Series: 6 of 6


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"To ensure personal transformation is effective it must be a three-pronged approach: one's stories (thoughts), habits and skills, and their environment must be aligned—congruent and working together."

EVERYTHING is a F*cking STORY goes on sale 10.1.22! Grab the FREE excerpt while available: https://everythingastory.com "EVERYTHING" culminates nearly 20 years of deliberation, collaboration, and meditation, all in the interest of deconstructing human behavior for the purposes of goal achievement.

EVERYTHING debuts as a "prequel" and completes a "trilogy" MG never knew existed. Martin began writing The Habit Factor® shortly before 2005; it was published in 2010. Then, in 2015, The Pressure Paradox™ was published.

In this episode, MG revisits the new behavior model, the "3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System". An innovative behavior model that reveals how it's one's thoughts (in the form of STORIES), about EVERYTHING, that resides at its epicenter

As Anias Nin put it, "We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are."

Thus, our STORIES, about EVERYTHING influence and direct our results. While prevalent behavior models demonstrate human behavior in a linear or circular fashion. The "3 Circles of Behavior Echo-System" reveals, in three concentric circles, how each major circle/"component influencer" reverberates—echoes back and forth to influence the others.

One doesn't have to look far to notice examples of how their STORIES echo to influence their feelings, emotions, behaviors, and in many cases their environment.

Think of a sad story and you'll likely feel sad or maybe even angry. If the story makes you angry enough, you may even punch a wall!

STORY<->FEELINGS<->BEHAVIORS<->ENVIRONMENT. Note: that feelings and emotions are conduits between the major, three concentric circles. This "behavior echo-system" is something YOU live within. Everyone does. The echoing happens in both directions; "outside in" and "inside out" (see model above) MG goes on to share how some of the stories he was telling himself led to unfavorable behaviors and actions, impacting his results. It was only after going through a "Why worm hole analysis" (something covered in the book) that he was able to discover a handful of un-serving, debilitating stories he no longer needed to carry around. Learn about how to correctly assess, direct and steer your stories and about the "six stories that really freakin' matter."

LAST CHANCE, download a FREE excerpt of the new book, "EVERYTHING is a F*cking STORY" while it's still available! https://everythingastory.com


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