EP 39: Treating the Root Cause Through At-Home Treatments with Marcus & Deborah Freudenmann


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Marcus Freudenmann and his family went on a year-long expedition around the world searching for healers and naturopathic clinics who could give them insight on chronic and degenerative diseases. Their journey and experience have taught them to look at the root causes of diseases and treating the root versus the symptoms. Freudenmann founded the Truly Heal Academy to teach people and experts alike how to heal from chronic illnesses and cancer.
Tune in to hear Marcus and his daughter, Deborah talk about the four main problems and the solutions the Truly Heal Academy teaches new clients in his online course. Don't forget to stay till the end as they extend a discount code to the Lyme 360 community! The link you can use is trulyheal.com/lyme360.
To learn more about the podcast go to https://www.lyme360.com
For your free Lyme Detox Checklist please go to: https://www.lyme360.com/detoxchecklist

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