Has fan opinion of Zac Taylor shifted? Palpable chemistry on defense & Bengals-Bucks connection w/ Jim Owczarski


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Today's HTPG is tearing at the seams with quality content like Arby's jalapeno poppers are gushing blistering hot cream cheese through its aureate breading. Paul and Jay report on Cincinnati's latest injuries, like they do every week, and then transition into the team's chemistry on defense and how synergy on that side of the ball is leading to better play on the field. Mo Egger stops in for his weekly 'Mo Tweets' segment. The trio talks about Zac Taylor's image in fans' eyes, and if that perception is changing for the better because of the team's early success this year. PDJ and JM tee up some Burrow stats before welcoming on a close friend of the guys, Jim Owczarski, the Milwaukee Bucks beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. Jim and the guys kibbitz about the parallels between the Bucks and Bengals as well as share some thoughts on Bengals-Packers.


(11:00) Chemistry on defense

(24:00) Mo' Tweets & Zac Taylor through fans' lenses

(42:30) Burrow stats

(55:00) Jim Ozczarski joins the pod

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