128: What Does Your Time Management Say About What You Treasure? A Short Devotional Bible Study of Matthew 6:21


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Have you ever heard that verse, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also?” Well, I have this theory that this applies to how we manage ourselves within the 24 hours available to us each day.

Today, I want to answer the question: What does your time management say about what you treasure? I’m doing that by walking through a short study of this powerful verse from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.

So, grab your bible, journal, and pen, because we are digging in!

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Beautiful! "Erika, you do a beautiful job helping Christian women find real peace in the word of God. From the first episode, I connected with you as a fellow Christian podcaster, and as a bonus-My mom is Puerto Rican too!! Thank you for sharing your heart, real-life experiences, and most importantly for directing us back to God always 💕 Your sister in Christ and fellow podcaster Rosie Alejandro of the Driven In Her Purpose podcast." - r alejandro -

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