First Feeding of the Child Annaprasan Details


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Hinduism, as a part of Forty Samskaras, lays down certain Procedures for Annaprasanam. Annaprasanam is the First feeding of the child with solids. This function is held at Home normally, excepting in cases when there is a vow to have it done at a Temple. In Kerala, it is a practice to perform Annaprasana at Guruvayur. Normally Rice is fed to the child. The Procedure for Annaprasana. 1.Fix an auspicious date, this should be on the Waxing period of the Moon, 2.After Vigneswara Puja and Sankalpa, Kangana Dharana is to done for the child (the ceremony of tying sacred thread on the left for the Female child and on the right for the Male child. 3.Perform Prathisara bantham*. 4.Nandi Sradham(Abyudhayam) 5.Punyahavachanam and Prokshanam to the Child. 5.Navagraha Mantras. 9.Recite Gothra, Name, Nakshatra and Rasi and pray that you are feeding the child. Keep cooked rice in a Gold/Silver vessel, add Ghee Honey(no Salt/or spices) and recite Om Bhoo: Om Bhuva: Om Suva: Om Boo; Bhuva Suva : Recite this the Child’s Name. Feed Once with a Golden Ring in Your hand. Check Panchangam for Auspicious Days for Annaprasana. . More information @ --- Send in a voice message:

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