List of Forty Samskaras of Hinduism


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Human beings once born have certain innate tendencies, Dispositions,and Attitudes. One may call it Genes . Hindus call it Vaasanas or Remnants. As explained in my earlier blog on this subject, our innate tendencies shape our Life. One becomes what he / she is because of these. Hindu society is based on these Dispositions , called Varna,or loosely called Caste.( Caste is a misnomer.Please read my blog on Caste) They are, Brahmanas Kshatriyas Vaisyas and Sudras. The first three are enjoined to perform all Samskaras. These three are called ‘Dwijas'( Twice Born) The first is Birth from The Mother’s Womb. The second is when Upanayana is performed for them. ( Please read my Blog) When the Upanayana and other Samskaras are performed he is born again. ( Only two are born twice in Nature. They are . Birds-they are born as eggs and later again as birds when they are hatched. The other is Teeth,They fall once and grow again.) This second Birth is complete only when all the Forty Samskaras are performed. Those who study the Vedas become ‘Vipra’ . Those who perform sSmskaras and Veda Adhyayana( practising The Vedas) are called Sr0dhriya’ He is the highest. The Forty Samskaras. Garbha Dhaanam, Bhumsavanam Seemantham Jaatha Karma Naama Karanam Annap Praasanam Caulam Upanayanam Four Veda Vrathas( Sacred Vows)– Prajapathya,Sowmya,Agneya,Vaiswa Deva Samavarthanam Kalyanam Pancha Maha Yagyam- Deva Yagyam( For Gods), Pitru Yagyam( For Ancestors), Manushya Yagyam( For fellow Human Beings), Bootha Yagyam( For the Five Elements of Nature), Brahma Yagyam( For the Reality) Seven Bhaka Yagyam Ashtaka Anvashtaka, Paarvanam, Sthaaleebhaagam, Aagrhaayanee’ Sravanee, Chaitree, Aasvayujee Seven Havir Yagyas– Agni Aadhaanam, Agnihotram, Dharsapoorna Maasam, Aagraayanam, Chaaturmaasyam, Niruta Pasu Pandham, Southramani Seven Soma Samasthai- Agnishtomam, Athyagnishtomam, Ukthyam, Shodasee’ Vaajapeyam. Athiraathram, Apthoryaamam --- Send in a voice message:

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