🌟Early-Stage Investment, Digital Asset & Treasury Management (w David Siemer & Constantin Kogan)


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🏆Constantin Kogan joins David Siemer - Founder of Wave Financial, Wavemaker Partners, and a technology-focused investment bank, Siemer & Associates LLC, which he sold to CEC Capital in 2016. David received an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Wave Finance offers early-stage investment, asset management, treasury management, and strategy consulting to further the growth of the crypto and digital asset ecosystem.

Wavemaker Partners is an early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2003, dually headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore. With over US$200M in assets under management, invested in over 200 portfolio companies, and have consistently delivered top decile returns to our investors. US-based investments include MindBody (NASDAQ: MB), DigitalGlobe (NYSE: DGI), and StyleHaul (acquired by RTL). Singapore-based investments include Luxola (acquired by LVMH), ArtofClick (acquired by Xurpas), and Pie (acquired by Google).

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