🚀Emerging Markets VC Outlook & Pandemic Era Due Diligence (w Alexandra Johnson & Constantin Kogan)


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🙋‍♀️This time I was delighted to join Alexandra (Sasha) Johnson - Founder and Managing Director of the Global Technology Capital (GTS) and Heed Capital, CEO at VC.House. GTS is a premier investor conference on global emerging markets held annually in Silicon Valley since 2003.

Alexandra is an experience investor in early stage companies and was one of the first female partners in the VC industry starting her fund in 2003.

She is a board member in several science-enables tech companies based in Silicon Valley.

Prior to that Alexandra was a Managing Director of DFJ VTB Capital Aurora, a venture group specializing in investments in the developing world. Alexandra invests in a broad range of companies targeting enterprise, material science, social network, and industry innovation and has grown a variety of product and services start-ups and emerging technologies startups.

Ms. Johnson was named among Top 20 most influential men and women Bay Area finance (worth), she hold and MBA University of California, Berkeley.

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