🎮NFT Gaming Revolution (w/ Shreyansh Singh & Constantin Kogan)


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🚀The interview everyone has been waiting for: Constantin Kogan joins Shreyansh Singh, Gaming & NFT Head at Matic Network.

Before the rebranding to Polygon Technology, the project was known as Matic or Matic Network. Matic was started in 2017, and the guest joined the team in 2019 to produce remarkable ideas, products and to tackle Ethereum’s scaling problems with the team in India.

The latest Polygon news, partnerships, cooperations, transition to Web 3.0, top 3 crypto games to play, and much more details are covered in the conversation.

Polygon aims at creating a more generalized scaling solution. For now, the protocol team has been working on two main solutions: Plasma Chains - a layer two scaling solution based on Matic’s implementation of Plasma and a PoS Chain - a Proof-Of-Stake Ethereum sidechain.

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0:00 Introduction

01:51 Shreyansh’s journey of jumping into NFT, gaming, and crypto industries

03:14 The list of crypto exchanges Polygon Network is listed on

04:10 The latest Polygon advancements and news

06:00 The top three crypto games the guest recommends

07:35 What is leading to mass NFT gaming field adoption

09:11 Polygon studios - what motivates people to upgrade to Web 3.0

11:23 How dev studios start self-promotion on the Polygon Network

12:55 Shreyansh explains the magnitude of the gaming industry

15:12 NFT gaming market growth predictions

17:24 What partnership with Polygon looks like

20:21 Partnership with OpenSea.io an

21:38 How to reach out to Polygon

23:25 Online source recommendation for better comprehension of the gaming ecosystem

23:56 The guest’s purpose of doing the job and his meaning of life

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