👔Self-Sovereign Identity (w/ Fabian Vogelsteller & Constantin Kogan)


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Constantin Kogan joins Fabian Vogelsteller, Ethereum developer, LUKSO founder, creator of Mist browser, web3.js, Feindura (CMS), ERC20, and ERC-725 protocols, and author of Meteor.js.

The guest tells it all: joining Ethereum Foundation in 2015 and becoming a C++ developer at ETH start-up; the generation of ERC20 and ERC-725 protocols, and so much more.

Fabian supports the self-sovereign identity concept; therefore, is actively building this decentralized blockchain space “The Dematerialised” where people have fun securely. Launching is coming soon!

📱Fabian Vogelsteller social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/feindura?lang=en

LinkedIn: Fabian Vogelsteller

GitHub: frozeman

📚 Fabian Vogelsteller “Meteor Full-Stack Web Application Development”


Alex Preukschat, Drummond Reed, Fabian Vogelsteller “Self-Sovereign Identity: Decentralized digital identity and verifiable credentials”


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01:22 How and why Fabian joined the crypto space

08:08 A few words about ERC-20 success

10:19 What is web3.js

14:02 The core developers of Ethereum

16:03 The creation of ERC-20 protocol

22:52 ERC-725 and sovereign identity challenge

34:00 Examples of “The Dematerialised” project use case

39:35 How to consolidate multiple social media accounts via blockchain

41:58 Importance of security and privacy on social media

47:29 Monetization and business model of “The Dematerialised”

50:33 Lukso blockchain release and how people can support it

51:47 Reversible ICO. Fundraising structure

55:30 Launch of public test network

58:21 The purpose of building numerous platforms and life goals

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