🌠The DeFi Hub for Cosmos: CDP on Kava and borrow on Hard (w Scott Stuart & Constantin Kogan)


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🔥Had a blast learning from Scott Stuart - Co-Founder & Head of Product at Kava Labs.

Kava is native blockchain that enables cross-chain financial services. This means that you can now take out loans in any fiat currency, USD, Euro, or the Yen to name a few. Not only do you get to keep your Bitcoin, but you can actually earn up to 11.8% APY on your Bitcoin and Kava offers very affordable interest rates on your cash loans. Now you can hold your crypto assets, put them to work, have access to any currency in the world no matter where or who you are, really enabling better banking for all. The company is a startup company that was the # 1 altcoin on Binance for a long time and won the Binance project of the year award. Kava is also a lending platform that accepts a wide range of digital assets for collateral as well as lending & borrowing.

We talked about the team behind the project, their vision and roadmap, market analysis, CDP's, crosschains, soft staking and many more.

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