Ep.12: Paula Monteiro from Wikitude on augmented reality in marketing: Uses, trends, and adding real value


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This week on the How the Fxck podcast, we have a true marketing leader: Paula Monteiro.

Paula is Head of Marketing at Wikitude, which has been a leader in the augmented reality (AR) world since 2008.

Working with clients like Jim Bean, Nissan and Herbal Essences, Paula and her teamwork to build value-adding, brand-building experiences using AR.

I was lucky to grill Paula on AR, well, specifically the connection and uses for AR in marketing.

Like most people, I had only a basic understanding of AR from Pokemon Go and Instagram filters.

But, it turns out there's much, much more that you can do to connect with your customers using augmented reality.

We discussed use cases like Nissan letting customers look at the inside of their cars in the showroom, using augmented reality to project the engine and its components to their car-lover customers.

I can see the value that can come from brand storytelling with AR. Perhaps not quite yet, but I soon expect to see a more mainstream addition of AR in the marketing tool kit

Find a summary of the insight here: Paula Monteiro on Augmented reality in marketing.

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