Ep. 7: MJ Peters from Firetrace on developing a B2B marketing strategy for a new market segment


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This weeks interview is with MJ Peters, VP of Marketing at FireTrace and host of The Industrial Marketer Podcast.

MJ has worked in manufacturing companies her whole career across product and marketing. She’s largely a self-taught marketing leader, and she’s a pro in marketing strategy and inbound demand generation.

In this interview, we start with MJs career and the differences in marketing in manufacturing rather than software, before covering techniques for marketing strategy and breaking into new customer segments.

You can expect to learn how to gather customer insight, how that insight should influence your business model, building out marketing hypotheses, and how to experiment across channels, content type and content topic to determine what resonates with your audiences.

Visit www.thefxck.com to get a summary of the insight in this interview.

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