Finding Ways to Make People's Lives Better by Giving You Referrals with Justin Stoddard


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On this episode, Adam talks to bestselling international author of The Upstream Model Justin Stoddard. Just shares how he started in the home building industry in 2003, but realized he liked developing people and businesses more than land and homes. That lead to his switch to working in Title and Escrow, where he essentially needed to recruit top agents over to his company to use him as xtheir title rep. He quickly realized that Realtor's pain points were listings, leads or leverage, and he couldn't always deliver on giving them al of those, so he started to look for other professions where he could start getting leads as well. When he started working with financial advisors, he realized they could predict when their client was about to make a real estate decision, and they could be a great source of referrals. He also realized that it made the financial advisors life easier to know someone they could refer their clients to, and he benefited from being able to send clients to the financial advisor.

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