If You're Trading Time for Money, You're not an Entrepreneur with Jeremy Bowers


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On this episode, Adam talks to Jeremy Bowers about how he got into real estate, and how he discovered he truly loved recruiting. Jeremy went to school to be a pharmacist and transferred to sales in 200. He got into real estate and bought 100 houses in 17 years while selling 175 houses a year for about 7 years. He wasn't looking to get into leadership, but Coldwell Banker asked him to work on leadership and recruiting for them and he tried that for a few years. In 1027, he decided he wanted to go back to just investing in real estate and within a year he hated what he was doing and missed being in charge of recruiting, so he went to KW Philly in 2018 to do that. Jeremy shares his secrets that make his business run smoothly, from compressing time, to having people in their own very specific lanes, and having an assistant for all specific roles. He shares the big 4 things he focuses on: recruiting, retention, revenue streams and real estate investing, and explains how he tackles all 4 of them. He also explains how important it is to be finding people to do the tasks you don't want to do if you want to call yourself an entrepreneur.

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